Episode 43 – How these 5 rules will inspire you to be fit and healthy


While there’s a million ways to say it, the essence of the message remains the same.


When it comes to anything in life, you gotta want what you’re striving for, you gotta put in the time and most importantly enjoy the journey – all of it. In this article, you will discover the basics behind the motivation that will inspire you to be fit and healthy for the long term. But first, read these questions. If you can honestly answer yes to them both, then you’re ready to go!


Are you,

  1. willing to pay the price for your definition of “success?
  2. ready to commit and take on the responsibility necessary for this “success?’


Let’s take a brief look at motivation to get you going!

There are two basic types of motivation:


1. Extrinsic motivation

Extrinsic motivation is an event, person or experience that ignites some type of energy or desire to get you moving. It may be an inspirational story you’ve read or witnessed, some type of pain, adversity or misfortune in your life or conversely, it may be caused by a sudden surge of love or passion for something new.


2. Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation basically comes from “within”. It’s usually found upon deep reflection with oneself at any point in time, through a sincere acknowledgment and longing for a lifelong ambition or some type of “awakening.” As mystical and unusual as this may sound, it’s not – one day it just happens. These days are usually called, “defining moments” (or turning points).


While they seem to be different entities, both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators are quite closely related and will get you inspired. Extrinsic motivators usually get you going and intrinsic motivators will keep you moving. By and large, the most sustainable driver to success is found in intrinsic motivation.


Let’s find yours! 5 rules that will inspire you to stay fit and healthy.


1. Invest time in cultivating your wildest dreams


The first rule to inspire you to stay fit and healthy involves cultivating your wildest dreams.  Set aside a block of time to think and daydream about what you want in life. The bigger the dream, the more time you’ll need to get the details right.

What do you dream about? Well, it’ll either be to:

  • do something,
  • be something or
  • have something. 

Once you’ve settled on what you want, you’ll need to keep that dream alive in your mind until it’s real.


Do this:

This can be achieved by daily mental priming at the beginning of your day and reflection in the evening. It will also involve yearly expansion and revision of your dreams to keep it fresh for the long haul.

Simply set aside time in the morning and evening (yes, every day) to visualise your wildest dreams and reflect on your progress. The same needs to be done at the start and end of your year – sort of like a New Year resolution – but unlike New Year’s resolutions it actually happens because it’s planned, organised and detailed with action points.


2. Set aside time to plan the connection between dreams and reality


While it’s great to daydream about what you want in life, it’s another thing to actually put pen to paper and plan out the “HOW.”


Do this:

In this step simply, set aside some planning time to get from zero to “success.” This will take some effort and more often than not, some expert help as well.


Some questions to consider include:

  • How will you make this dream a reality?
  • What will it take?
  • How long?
  • What is the daily commitment?
  • How much does it cost (in relation to these resources, time, energy, money, attention, etc.)?
  • What MUST YOU DO in order to achieve the big picture?
  • What MUST you GIVE UP in order to achieve the big picture?


These are all important questions to navigate before moving forward. If you’re happy with the answers then proceed to the next level!


Read below for the last three of my five rules that will inspire you to be fit and healthy!

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