Episode 123 – Being present: aware of the awareness

“Be aware of the awareness. That you’re in the present moment. And then when you’re there…you’re just being. I challenge you to find it tomorrow morning.”

I’ve always longed to travel and explore breathtaking locations around the world.

Perhaps you know a place I’m talking about.

You’ve probably been to a few yourself.

Places where you can stand still and smile from the heart knowing there is greatness everywhere. When you’re there you feel it in your body – whether it be goosebumps, a warmth all over or a similar inner soul-soothing.

Can you feel what I’m feeling?!

Picture this, it’s a sunny day, a pleasant breeze touches your skin and all you can hear are the calm ambient sounds of your surroundings – be it the beach, standing on a mountainside looking to the horizon, walking through ancient cultural buildings or even in a rainforest. Time doesn’t exist in these moments. You and place become one as it’s etched into your memory for eternity.


Read on below to grow more aware of the awareness around you.

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