Episode 90 – Why finding your deep seeded need will make you succeed


I know how to make you succeed.

First off you need to know something.


Motivation is a myth.


And this is definitely true for long term success and mastery.

I know, I know, this goes against the very essence of this video but it’s true.

When you’re at the mastery and success level, it’s not about motivation – excellence is ingrained in your very being – and you’re just…great.

So, what does motivation have to do with it?

Why do I advocate for “why factors” when I don’t believe in the myth.

Well, other than making you feel good in the moment, the right motivation can give you just enough energy to get started – which is very important!

Then given the right conditions (a small win, encouragement, a plan… etc, etc.), you’ll stay on track… for a while.

“A while?!” I hear you say.

Read on to get that spark.

How to use that deep seeded need to make you succeed.

To understand how motivation is useful, here’s a simple analogy.

Have you ever seen a news report on TV around typhoon/hurricane season and they show video footage of high speed wind blowing down the streets and you see debris everywhere?
You know the ones right?! They are surreal!


I want to make you succeed. Read on below.

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