Episode 73 – Ten reasons that will make you start a health and fitness program!


It takes a profound realization of the heart to make big changes in your life.

Scrolling through pages of Instagram models, thinking that one day you’ll start working towards healthier habits, hardly ever puts enough fire in your belly for action. It takes something at a much more personal level to install new thought patterns and habits.

Events that touch you at a deep emotional level, hold enough power to be life changing.

Many people that struggled for years being incredibly overweight or unhealthy – who have battled their demons and taken control of their health – all have common reasons why they had to make changes in their lifestyle. They made a bold choice to become stronger AND had a deep desire to be healthier or improve their overall shape and size.

Let’s discuss 10 reasons that will make you start a health and fitness program!


Constant fatigue

Fatigue is a common reason why you may choose a healthier path in life. Particularly, one of these three:

  1. If it seems no matter how many times you hit snooze on the alarm clock, you just can’t get rid of your tiredness, then it could create a breaking point for change.
  2. If you quickly lose energy when playing with your kids.
  3. If you feel you need a coffee or sugar hit just to keep up, this can be another strong reason to improve your lifestyle. Simple daily tasks shouldn’t be a struggle.


Life can be fast-paced and as you create daily routines, filling your spare moments with more and more to-do’s, it can become overwhelming and create a lot of fatigue. If this is you, then you need to start your health and fitness program!


Old photo albums

This can be a weak point for many people as they gaze at old photographs of themselves, reminiscing about how much energy they had for life or even how they looked physically. This can trigger a deep realization that you don’t look as vibrant as you used to. It can also bring about thoughts of change like “I better start looking after myself.” If this is you, then you need to start your health and fitness program!


Getting older

Turning a particular age can also trigger the same thoughts, especially round numbers like the big 30, 40 or 50! If your birthday is looming and this seems like you, then you need to make the rest of your life, the best of your life! Start your health and fitness program!


Death or illness in the family

When you personally experience the loss of a close friend, family member or someone in your community, it can hit you hard and create a lot of personal shock. This can be particularly significant if the death of a family member was related to a hereditary condition, or disease that has already shown up as symptoms in your own health status. If this has happened to you, please start to look after yourself and consider starting a health and fitness program.


Want 6 more reasons to start a health and fitness program? Read on below.

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