Testimonials - Chris Everingham

Here’s some testimonials* for Chris Everingham and his health and fitness programming:

“…Go for it!”

– Michael, Manly, Australia.

“One of my friend’s introduced me to Chris – Oh! he’s the man…he’s good guy!”

– Srini, Chatswood, Australia.

“My fitness has improved quite dramatically with Chris’s program and I feel like I’m sleeping better and it’s been fantastic. Thanks Chris!”

– Emily, Roseville, Australia.

“…I’m achieving positive results, I’ve got a very happy doctor and a very happy dietitian and I’m feeling really good…”

– Heather, Longueville, Australia.

“I’ve been training with Chris for about 9 months now…I have improved. I got to the age of 58 and put on alot of weight and he’s got rid of most of it now. He’s a bloody good trainer and very supportive, if you go with him you’re making the right decision.”

– Neil, North Sydney, Australia.

“For me, the money is nothing anymore because I love Friday and Saturday when I feel sore because that makes me feel as though I got every cent of what it’s worth. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking at starting training because I think he’s a great motivator…”

– Rob, Lane Cove, Australia.

“I’ve been working with Chris for about 15 weeks. Before I started I just had two kids and I felt fat and not motivated at all to get into the gym and since then, I’ve achieved my goal of losing 6kg and not only that I’m feeling fantastic about myself – my self-esteem has really grown, even my husband comments that I’m looking pretty hot. So, umm, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made… I’ve found that each session is very varied so it’s makes it very interesting and exciting everytime.”

– Rachel, Lane Cove, Australia.

“I’ve been training with Chris for 9 months now. I’ve found it really good. People have commented on the weight that I’ve lost and how I look fitter. I find that I look fitter. I found the sessions are really good in terms of motivating me to come back…so that I can do better next time. I really like the variety that I get each week of doing different exercises and pushing myself each week… Also I like the fact that Chris is covering areas other than just exercise – going into nutrition, what I should be eating and how much I should be eating… I found it lots of fun and really worthwhile.”

– Catherine, Greenwich, Australia.

I have been working out for 5 months now. Prior to that, I was relatively unfit – I, like most people think they are fit – I found out quickly that I was unfit. I found over the time that I’ve built up core strength – I think that was the important thing for me… not just building you up to be a muscle man. I’ve got 2 young kids and can run around alot more with them without getting out of breath. I guess my main motivation was to build myself, build my core strength up before the big 5-0… I certainly lost alot of weight, lost the mid rift…”

– Tony, North Sydney, Australia.

“I’ve been training with Chris for about 7 months now… f*%k he’s awesome, he’s really good. I feel so much better, I’ve got alot of stamina…He tells you what to eat as well to increase your metabolism – that’s one of the key things to getting a healthy body.”

– Raj, Artarmon, Australia.

“Over the 4 months I’ve been training, I lost about 8kg and 2 clothing sizes. I’m obviously very happy with that result…. the training sessions were easy to do and follow by myself…certainly easy to follow the exercises and the sequences were very easy to follow. Certainly achieved the results I wanted and at the moment I’m continuing with the training to maintain overall fitness and optimum health…[I trained]… on average 5 times a week – sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more…”

– Pam, Lane Cove, Australia.

“Been training with Chris for the past 6 months now. From that time I had some personal goals to achieve, one was to lose 10kg and the other was to improve my overall fitness. Chris has helped me achieve those goals by having consistency in my training and… giving me I guess a variety of different exercises, not just giving me the same repetitive routines. So, if you feel you’re in a similar situation and you have personal goals you’d like to achieve similar to mine, I highly recommend spending time with Chris…”

– Doug, North Sydney, Australia.

“…In 6 months I’ve lost 15 or 16kg, got much better balance and I’m all fired up…If you got a big improvement you want to make then Chris has put a good program together to suit you.”

– Huw, North Sydney, Australia


*Results in testimonials may vary.