Performance Manager - Chris Everingham

A little bit about Chris Everingham

Chris Everingham graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Newcastle, Australia in 2006. For more than a decade, Chris has made an extraordinary impact on his clients throughout the world. As the Elite Performance Manager of the Philippine Volcanoes (and former international athlete), he not only designs effective health and fitness performance programs for his athletes and teams – but he lived and breathed them – successfully competing for 8 years on the international stage. Chris is also qualified to create customized education programs for effective learning. This combination of qualifications and life experience has allowed him to discover and teach unique secrets for successful, healthy living – whether one-on-one, in small groups or as a keynote speaker.

His clients include:

Adidas, Xerox, Arla, Unilab, TaskUs, Optimum Nutrition, USA Embassy, Citrus Australia, SunLife, Australian Embassy, Intellicare, Color Manila, and many more.

Chris has endorsed:

Adidas, Optimum Nutrition, Australian Harvest Oats, Bench underwear, Flawless, Robinson’s Luxuria Real Estate and Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Chris has been featured in:

Chris has worked with:

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Here’s some transformation stories from real people!

“I’ve been working with Chris for about 15 weeks. Before I started I just had two kids and I felt fat and not motivated at all to get into the gym and since then, I’ve achieved my goal of losing 6kg and not only that I’m feeling fantastic about myself – my self-esteem has really grown, even my husband comments that I’m looking pretty hot. So, umm, I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made… I’ve found that each session is very varied so it’s makes it very interesting and exciting everytime.” – Rachel, Lane Cove, Australia. “…In 6 months I’ve lost 15 or 16kg, got much better balance and I’m all fired up…If you got a big improvement you want to make then Chris has put a good program together to suit you.” – Huw, North Sydney, Australia

Chris Everingham created The First Five Fitness Program

Chris Everingham spent many years in a variety of health and fitness roles including, Nutritionist Researcher and Personal Trainer. He is currently the Elite Performance Manager of an international rugby team and frequently sort-after keynote speaker. Throughout Chris’ experience, he started to notice patterns in health and fitness that distinguished the “fit & healthy” from the “sick & ill” and he summarized it into this statement:

“Healthy habits create healthy humans.”

In an effort to simplify a fit and healthy lifestyle into effective habits, Chris finally developed the First Five Fitness Program – his collection of the top nutrition habits, workouts & exercises, and mindset activities that bring a lasting impact to your health and fitness.
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