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166 – 4 wellness tips to enter an optimal state of being Optimal state of being Have you ever seen those sporting reports on TV or Youtube where a player wins the national championship for their team by scoring a goal on the buzzer just before the final whistle blows? Incredible right! They seem to do everything at lightning speed – a rate much higher than their opposition or any Continue reading

Episode 165 – My joy as a coach What brings me joy in my profession as a coach? In short, it’s about “Winning championships.” I love winning. In respect to the process of coaching, it’s about finding all the 1% efforts required and putting them together to build up to a championship win – basically it’s like solving a large, dynamic puzzle that culminates for a moment in time. It’s Continue reading

Episode 164 – A healthy life has rhythm Find your Rhythm Today’s talk was about finding your rhythm for a sustainable holistic high performance lifestyle. Never thought I’d talk about finding your rhythm – ever. For most of my life, I’ve been in high level competition so all I once knew was how to compete – to go “all-in.” You see, in a performance, elite competition lifestyle – there is Continue reading

Episode 163 – If you don’t have six pack abs, you’re not healthy A balanced life will get you six pack abs Here’s a premise I’ve been thinking about for a while now, “Everyone that has a balanced life will have six pack abs.” This is a very interesting statement from a well respected holistic health coach I follow. He mentioned it on one of the podcasts he guested on. Continue reading

Episode 162 – How to public speak better than TED Talk speakers Most people would prefer death over public speaking They say most people would prefer death over public speaking…. What about you? Would you be able to brave a few hundred or even a few thousand pairs of eyes all on you during say, a motivational speaking session? What about if it’s an intimate crowd of 10-20? Would that Continue reading

Episode 161 – Mental recovery from a physical injury Q: How do I mentally recover from a physical injury (in other words, what should be my ‘return from injury’ mindset? Imagine this, you’re a top rank athlete – everyone loves you, wants to be like you, your fit as a fiddle and of course, you’re dominant in your sport! Life is heaven. You have a lot of endorphins such as Continue reading

Episode 160 – Which is better? Increase your gym weights VS more reps. “I don’t want to get big and bulky” “I enjoy lifting weights but I only want to tone up and improve my shape” “ I want to keep lean” Do any of these resonate with you? If they do, that’s fine, most people in the masses would think this as well and instead of increasing their weight Continue reading

Episode 159 – Should I eat citrus fruit or not? A: This is a random, out of context question but it’s interesting. This person has been advised by their doctor to stop eating citrus fruit for a reason. First things first if you’re doctor has done a full assessment of your medical status and they deem that action to be appropriate it’s best to follow what your doctor has said Continue reading

Episode 158 – Power cleans vs Full cleans for athletic performance Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “What is the difference between power cleans and cleans in athletic performance?” To the general population there’s not much difference between these two exercises but for the athlete a slight change in movement for this olympic lift will mean a huge shift in physical adaptation. a. Power cleans (or hang cleans) Continue reading

Episode 157 – Why vitamins and minerals are essential for your health Question of the day for the #AskEvro show: “how do I remove mouth boils?” Someone asked me this question during my #AskEvro show live tour through a few gyms in Metro Manila. My first reactive internal monologue was something of this nature, “I’m not a doctor and I’m not a bloody sexual health specialist…I’m a Dietitian.” Then, I Continue reading