Episode 109 – There’s more to the law of attraction…


The law of attraction is a really cool phenomenon which originates from science. It’s based on the observer effect that happens in scientific experiments.

In fact, one of the most famous science experiments was a debate about the nature of atoms – whether they are particles or waves.

It turns out that the laws of relativity says it can be both a particle and a wave at the same time. This phenomenon can be demonstrated on the quantum level of physics.

But what seems to have happened is this observer effect has then been extrapolated up to the “Newtonian reality” we “exist” in.

So, while the observer effect should still play out, we need to remember to actually create a cause and effect reaction to allow this “law of attraction” to work.

What’s this mean?

  1. Imagine what you want
  2. Work out how to do it
  3. Go and do what is required to achieve that you wish.

I’ve met so many people in my life that have gone from nothing to something in their life – whether it’d be in sporting success, business, acting, etc.

They were every day, normal people and then…

Read on below to learn how they used the law of attraction to get more out of life.



Magic for every day, normal people.

They became,

  • they became international / professional athletes
  • broke business people who turned their businesses into juggernauts
  • want-a-be performers who despite the odds emerged into celebrity and became actors and actresses, or they became hosts of tv shows.

Normal people.

Why can’t you do it?

Why can’t we do it?

Well, you can!

It’s just process.

Again, it first starts in thinking or imagining something.

If we can do that and really believe it and then action it – anything becomes possible.

The crazy bit is if you just imagine it and you think it’s gonna come and fall into your lap – it doesn’t do that.

You have to imagine it. You have believe it and you have to go do it – Then you achieve it!

Use the law of attraction in this formula and you’ll get what you believe in.

Life is a time of wonder and joy.

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