Episode 16 – Secrets to keeping motivated for the long term

I love seeing transformation photos on the internet! Don’t you?!


Every day, you’ll be able to see an inspirational post or video on social media that will inspire you to get up and change your life. However, without the proper motivational strategies in place, that drive will disappear and leave you to fall back into old habits. Read on to find out the secrets to keeping motivated for the long term!


1. Know yourself

Know yourself first then set out to grow and expand from there.


What to do:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Understand these attributes to make yourself a better person. They facilitate growth and evolution as a person. They also create progress. Progress creates momentum. Momentum creates motivation for the long term.


You may choose either approach below depending on your goal:

  • Focus on your further strengthening your strengths – specialization or depth of experience is valuable for confidence. Confidence further snowballs confidence and after you have hit your “action threshold” you will unlock your ability to do more and for longer – because you believe you can.
  • Focus on your weakness – make yourself well rounded. For example, if your weaknesses include nutrition then look to understand and evolve in the study of nutrition. Focus on how to shop, how to cook, how to meal prep, understand the nutritional value of foods. Go deep on the topic to round out your weaknesses.


2. Reflect on your performance

Track your progress. After you’ve done the activity, journal your performance and write down how your activity went. This will give you a managerial view of your life and will allow you to evaluate your overall performance during the week.


What to do:

  • For the gym: write down your sets, your reps, what weight you did, and even your recovery time. Are you improving in certain aspects? Are you stuck and staying the same?
  • For nutrition: record your diet history, what foods you eat, and similarly evaluate how you did. Are you consistently improving your food choices? Are there nutrition habits you’re stuck on?



For three (3) more secrets to keeping motivated, read on below.

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