Episode 126 – Goal achievement truths

“What is my goal and what is it for? Why are we doing this? And if we can work out why we are doing it, you will stick to it. It will stick to you.”

When I was a primary school as a child, I used to think that my goals were some faraway place in the future, a never-ending run into the distance.

BUT, the more I achieved my goals. The more familiar I got with the dynamics of goal achievement.

Then after I continued to achieve goals on a regular basis – not only for myself but for others such as my clients and athletes – the pattern and process for goal achievement became second nature – and I learnt some secret achievement truths.

Do you want to achieve your goals?

Of course, you do!

Here are some truths I found in the dynamics of goal achievement:

Truth #1. If the goal is the right fit for your life, it’ll work.

In the initial stages of goal achievement, you need to set a goal that will fit your lifestyle. Alternatively, you will need to adjust your life to enhance the possibility of achieving your goal.

Follow this simple principle and you’ll succeed. Fail to comply and you’ll fail right off the bat.

Truth #2. If your “why factor” driving the action is strong enough to support the goal, it’ll work.

Why are you doing this? Get to the great depths of your heart to find out what your goal is for. And if you can work out why you are doing it – you will stick to it. It will stick to you.

With this, you’ll get further down your path to success. Fail to find your “why factor” and you’ll fail.


Read on below for another achievement truth to help achieve your goals.

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