Episode 107 – Goals with action words will make you fit


“I keep having problems achieving my goals”

“I can never achieve my goals. I always fail despite doing all the right “proper” planning”


Perhaps you’ve written your goals wrong?!

It is possible you know.

Check this out.

Goals written without any clear action (or direction) are basically reminders.

And you know what happens to reminders

They get bumped off by more urgent and immediate matters competing for your attention.

The next thing comes along into your direct vision and then BOOM… you’re off on a tangent.

Unfortunately, the cycle repeats again.

But you’re in luck today!

This is how you upgrade your goals:

Goals written with action words will help you achieve them faster.

More specifically, fitness goals written with action words will help you achieve them faster.

Action words are going to help you to turn that cheap reminder into action (a process) so that you can actually DO something – particularly when it’s busy in your day-to-day grind and all you want to do is follow the steps (and not have to think about it so much).

So transform that reminder, into a doing – an action!

I’ll give you a few quick examples below:

Let’s talk about nutrition for a moment.


Read on below discover how to use fitness goals with action words to unleash your true potential.

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