Episode 120 – Mantra: Love the process

“Whenever you’re building something you start… brick by brick up. You do the work; you love the process.”

It’s human to resist change.

It’s in your biology.

In fact, the whole basis of human physiology is homeostasis, which is latin for “same status” or keeping you the same. No wonder it’s counter-natural, it’s written into your primal genetics.

But you have evolved… You now have the beginnings of an advanced brain – the logical mind is the start of a creator-like existence.

Be warned though… your emotional mind will continually attempt to hijack your logical brain.

You’ll want to have instant results, take shortcuts and cheat yourself…

This too is in your genetics…but don’t fall for it!

So how do you stick to the plan despite these primal attempts to disrupt your higher intentions?



Read on below to find out how to love the process.

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