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Episode 161 – Mental recovery from a physical injury Q: How do I mentally recover from a physical injury (in other words, what should be my ‘return from injury’ mindset? Imagine this, you’re a top rank athlete – everyone loves you, wants to be like you, your fit as a fiddle and of course, you’re dominant in your sport! Life is heaven. You have a lot of endorphins such as Continue reading

Episode 130 – Remember living is amazing “Living is amazing. Sometimes we forget that…tomorrow morning when you wake up and you’re aware of that possibility… everything changes.” Nature is rough like a stormy sea. It doesn’t care about you (99% of the time). It cares about itself first – that’s the Darwinian truth. Survival of the fittest – It’ll drown you fast. Don’t believe me?! Ever seen a boat make Continue reading

Episode 129 – 6 excuse killersEveryone has the same amount of time. It’s what we do with it that matters.”“I’m too busy.”What a lame, BS excuse.Every loser in their loser life uses this excuse.They may not say it out aloud but they do say it to themselves – often subconsciously.Is this you?It’s time for some excuse killers because those three words together will destroy – not only you but your whole Continue reading

Episode 128 – Become mindful in complete presence “Enjoy this… we are in process, a constant evolution…” I was speaking recently at a keynote event. We had a mix of millennials and young parents in the room who were in need of some direction with enhancing their performance by finding their rhythm. I spoke about awareness, reflection and the need for the right environmental setup – be it the immediate Continue reading

Episode 127 – How to be successful “…That like a tree, if you want a really big tree, you also gotta have big deep roots….your “whys”…so you can hold or withstand all the darkest and hardest and heaviest storms. And here you’ll continue doing what you need to do no matter what.” Social media is like walking a tightrope. On the downside, you have a time-wasting, attention-stealing machine. On the Continue reading

Episode 126 – Goal achievement truths “What is my goal and what is it for? Why are we doing this? And if we can work out why we are doing it, you will stick to it. It will stick to you.” When I was a primary school as a child, I used to think that my goals were some faraway place in the future, a never-ending run into the distance. Continue reading

Episode 124 – Health and fitness lifetime commitment “Rhythm is about finding health and fitness that you can do for life. Maybe that scares you!? Commit anyway.” Are you unhappy with the state of your health and wellbeing? Here’s a quick thought… The level of happiness with your health is directly related to your ability to keep your health and fitness habits in harmony with your day to day life. Continue reading

Episode 123 – Being present: aware of the awareness “Be aware of the awareness. That you’re in the present moment. And then when you’re there…you’re just being. I challenge you to find it tomorrow morning.” I’ve always longed to travel and explore breathtaking locations around the world. Perhaps you know a place I’m talking about. You’ve probably been to a few yourself. Places where you can stand still and smile Continue reading

Episode 122 – Make time for your joys “Alright. How many hours do spend reading about other people’s lives? How much time do you work on your story? Your joys? And getting rid of things you don’t like. Do you even spend one day per year?! That’s what my challenge is to you. When was the last time you had a friend or family member in need of help? I Continue reading

Episode 121 – Limitless: you have to imagine it “You have to imagine it. You have to believe it and you have to go do it. Then you achieve it.” Have you ever wanted to be limitless? Of course, there are a few rules you have to follow to fit within the confines of reality. But do them and you can have whatever put your mind to (provided you don’t Continue reading