Mission and Vision - Chris Everingham
Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Welcome to my website (www.chriseveringham.com) and blog called Maximize your Metabolism, a place where anyone interested in starting or progressing their health and fitness journey (aka their life) can learn effective ways to improve their nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and mindset – through some resources, links and blog articles I have put together. I’ve also included a few “spirituality,” and teambuilding articles as well because I enjoy those areas. I believe these areas are essential to living and performing well in our global community and in braving our internal world (the inner self, self awareness and mind).

My website and community platforms are a great place to for anyone with the same vision for holistic health and fitness – as well as for those on their own health mission to ask questions, share your success stories and even struggles.


Why did I build my website?

I built my website around my health mission and vision above and the following reasons:

  • Personal Growth – To grow myself in the many areas I know well (my strengths), to discover stuff I don’t know (my blindspots) and to build my skills and self in a more wider sense as well (my weaknesses)
  • Legacy and Contribution – To provide information that’s concise, deeply practical and useful for the individual and the communities I belong to
  • Interaction – To start a conversation about holistic health and fitness between myself and whoever is interested in my work – I’m not sure what will come of the conversation but I know it’ll challenge my thinking, my practice, my beliefs and the very essence of what I initially thought about achieving and hopefully get people to share their stories, challenges, strategies, tips and techniques
  • Purpose – The final reason which has become my motto is my big, crazy, ambitious (maybe) and the wildly fun possibility that maybe we (with your help and everyone we know) can make a difference to humanity and here it is:

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Hi, I’m Chris Everingham.

I’m sharing the holistic performance secrets that I both personally used to overcome racial scrutiny, escape poverty and depression, AND taught others so that they too could bring proven success and happiness into their lives.

Learn more about my time competing in international sports, in front of media and speaking with live audiences of thousands of people to discover my high performance secrets. Click here to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.