Episode 121 – Limitless: you have to imagine it

“You have to imagine it. You have to believe it and you have to go do it. Then you achieve it.”

Have you ever wanted to be limitless?

Of course, there are a few rules you have to follow to fit within the confines of reality. But do them and you can have whatever put your mind to (provided you don’t run out of time – a current limitation of reality).

Step 1: Imagine it

This is the “law of attraction” step (bare with me). Suspend all judgment and then create, dream, conceive, desire whatever you want.

(Reality note: this is also a good time to do the statistical probability of achieving what you want versus the resources required or in your possession – recalibrate your imagination to suit).

Proceed onwards.

Step 2: Believe it

This the “R. Kelly – I believe I can fly” step.

Muster all the real confidence and self-belief you can get, however you need to get it – and ideally in regular small, frequent doses. This is like having a full battery on your phone – without it, the phone is useless – as will be your efforts. So get your regular dose of confidence on tap ASAP.


You too can build a dynasty – all you need to do is start at step 1: imagine it, then move to step 2: believe it and then read on below to understand how to “go do it” in step 3.


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