Episode 124 – Health and fitness lifetime commitment

“Rhythm is about finding health and fitness that you can do for life. Maybe that scares you!? Commit anyway.”

Are you unhappy with the state of your health and wellbeing?

Here’s a quick thought…

The level of happiness with your health is directly related to your ability to keep your health and fitness habits in harmony with your day to day life.

What’s this mean?

Well, once the right healthy habits are installed in your life (to match your life) it will quite easily and effortlessly keep you happy and healthy. How do you know it’s right for you?… you gotta try out what works first, then you make your health and fitness lifetime commitment afterward.

For example, below are two ways to be healthy using exercise. However, the “right” healthy habit exercise routine for you will depend on what lifestyle you live.

  • Scenario 1: shorter daily (perhaps 15-20mins) low to moderate-intensity exercise might be a good fit for a brand new dad or mum.


  • Scenario 2: less frequent (3 or 4 times per week) but high-intensity 45-minute exercise routines might be a better fit for young corporate professionals.

Simply match the right healthy habits to suit your lifestyle.

Sounds easy, yeah?!


Read on below to get one step closer to locking in your health and fitness lifetime commitment.



But first, why aren’t you winning right now?

Maybe the leap of faith scares you because you’ve been burnt trying something DIFFERENT before?

Maybe you’ve never really invested into something NEW for an extended period and don’t want to “waste” your time – just in case?

Well, let me tell you… the “risk-free” illusion of “just in case” – has stopped many a great person from trying.


Use your logical brain to override the emotion of fear.

Override the fear.

Use these questions to stimulate your logical brain and override the fear.

1. What is the new routine or healthy habit you need to take on?

Learn the instructions. Learn what it takes through research, discussion, and exploration.

2. What are the actual step-by-step procedures to the new healthy habit?

Rationally work through the process to see if it makes sense. Embody them and write cheat notes to help the execution process.

3. How will you be able to keep this healthy habit in your life?

Visualise the application of the healthy habit to your life. Mentally run through the step-by-step procedure in your mind’s eye to see how the new healthy habit will work in your life – if it works, start! if it doesn’t, scrap it.

4. How did you perform during the new healthy habit?

Commit to the process – chip away day by day. Try it, do it, review. Adapt it to suit your life as it comes naturally.

It’s “Go” time!

One day you’ll automatically wake up in a healthy habit rhythm and it’ll be a perfect fit – literally!

So go for it, face your fears! Fear is the door you always needed to take and is the ultimate pathway to happiness with your health and fitness! Now is the time to make your health and fitness lifetime commitment

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