Episode 76 – How To Supercharge Your Happiness: Quick Guide


At the heart of all the happiest people that have come across my path, there seems to be a certain set of traits that stand out amongst them. Happiness can be something that’s quite subjective to a lot of people, perhaps that’s because many of us view happiness as a personal journey, that forms part of who we are as an individual. Happiness doesn’t always have to come in the form of something physical, or even something that you need to find. It can come through a state of wellbeing, a state of simply being, a perception or simply your unique outlook on life.


When examining all the factors that make up your total sum of happiness, there’s always a set of things you do or habits that are formed that ultimately lead to your overall emotional state. Happiness is a journey, an ongoing experience. And you’re about to learn all the healthy habits and characteristics that are intertwined into the lives of some of the happiest people on earth.

It’s time to supercharge your happiness!


Getting physical

Happy people get out and move.


They know they don’t have to be a hard-core weight lifter or personal trainer, to experience an endorphin high when they get their blood pumping. It doesn’t matter what form of movement you choose, just as long as you’re enjoying yourself. It can be as simple as a walk around the block or gardening, right up to adrenaline pumping vertical rock climbing or forest rides on horseback. Your body is designed to circulate blood (energy) around the body while your mind is designed to feel energetic about life. You’ll even notice how much deeper your breathing comes, rather than a shallow inhale! Get those feel good hormones active!


Healthy sleeping patterns

The cliché number that you’ve probably heard of for the best sleep is around 8 hours.

However, if you consider yourself physically active, or work in a physically demanding job, you probably need closer to 9 hours to truly heal your body. Regardless of the figures, experiment with the perfect amount of sleep that works for your body. Don’t worry about the guy that’s going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5 am, claiming he’s full of energy (as he guzzles back a triple shot latte). Sleep quality is a must – but balance is the key as well. Don’t oversleep.


Happy people eat well

A high intake of nutritionally dense food = more energy, vitality and glowing skin. Happy people have an attractive youthful glow and can simply do more with their lives with all that extra energy.

There’s no doubt about it, the food you put in your body can greatly influence your mood and psychological state. Many studies are starting to show the effect that additives and preservatives have on your health. Behavioural problems, hyperactivity and frequent mood swings as just some of the common “symptoms” you can avoid by eating healthy.

Choose nutrient dense foods to maintain your overall health, happiness and positive outlook on life. If you suspect you might have a particular food intolerance or sensitivity, you should prioritise addressing these problems to truly make the most of the life that you have.


Get out into the sun

Being outdoors and in nature makes you feel alive.

Make sure you get adequate exposure to the sun to receive your daily hit of vitamin D. Time spent in the sun has been linked to positive mood, a reduction in depression and many other beneficial effects.  On a physical level, the body needs vitamin D to be able to absorb important minerals, calcium and phosphate, which in turn promotes healthy bones.

Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem in many regions throughout the world, borne out of people having fear of skin cancer. The irony is that vitamin D has been found in studies to carry anti-cancer effects, including preventing cancer cell cycle from growing and suppressing inflammation.

Getting half an hour in the sun without sunscreen, outside of the hours of 10am-4pm will give you your daily intake of Vitamin D. You’ll notice how much more alert you feel and also just how much better you sleep at night.



Guided meditation, guided visual imagery, yoga, mantras or affirmations, whatever meditation style floats your boat, practice it more.

If you’re entirely new to meditation or yoga, perhaps try a class to see what it’s all about. You can then take home what you’ve learnt and weave your own practice into your daily habits.

Meditating allows you to reflect on events and experiences you’ve gone through much more objectively. You’ll be more in touch with your inner being, soul, spirit, God or whichever other labels you give it. You’ll have a lot more gratitude for life and be able to listen to your intuition more.

Meditation and yoga help you to completely unwind and reconnect with your own essence.



One of the biggest skills you can have as an individual is the ability to reflect on your life or past events.

You can keep a journal or diary, or even call a close friend and talk about the many aspects of life that are close to your heart. There’s also nothing wrong with seeing a psychologist if you’re having trouble dismantling all the busy thoughts in your mind. This will allow you to identify the good from the bad, remove obstacles blocking you from your ultimate happiness, help you to learn mistakes that you may have made and also draw from positive experiences.


Express gratitude

There’s no such thing as too much gratitude!

It’s your time to thank, acknowledge, show appreciation or even to bask in the contentment of a joyous moment.  If something great has happened in your life, take the time out to truly acknowledge the event. Sometimes nothing new can come into your life, without you appreciating how far you’ve come and what you currently have. It’s an unfulfilling journey to be forever looking ahead, dreaming of riches or that perfect job, without appreciating how good you’ve got it now. Be proud of where you are in life. Even if it’s not your idea of perfect….yet!


Prioritize relaxing time

You might be guilty of not putting the brakes on enough in your life.

Taking time out for yourself is so important for your mindset and overall health. Climb some mountains, get out in nature, play with animals and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses! Downtime helps you to enjoy life more and acknowledge things you might have otherwise walked straight past, as you rush about your day.


Be more social

Take time to talk to people, whether they’re close to you or somewhere in your community- even a complete stranger!

Take the moment to say hello and ask how someone is while at the supermarket. It’s such a simple act but this aspect seems to slowly be getting lost in our modern day society governed by electronics. You might end up with a new friend or create an unexpected new connection. You’ll almost always feel good for connecting with another human.



Do you want 8 more ways to supercharge your happiness? Well, you’re in luck! Read on below.

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