Episode 127 – How to be successful

“…That like a tree, if you want a really big tree, you also gotta have big deep roots….your “whys”…so you can hold or withstand all the darkest and hardest and heaviest storms. And here you’ll continue doing what you need to do no matter what.”

Social media is like walking a tightrope.

On the downside, you have a time-wasting, attention-stealing machine.

On the upside, you have an artificial dream and idea-generating machine.

Narrow path indeed.

Personally, I prefer the positives of social media.

What about you?

Turn your attention to the positives for a moment, what does access to positive ideas give you?

For me, access to many positive ideas gives a sense of what’s possible in the world, right?! It makes me want to go big in this life!

I want to experience, enjoy and discover what’s possible – and thus I seek to expand beyond current circumstances.

And that’s great!

If you’re like me, then here’s a hot tip for going large!

To reach for the stars – such as building a dream life – you need a few essential conditions to be successful.

To help understand one of these success conditions, let’s think about a massive oak tree for a moment. They look grand, don’t they?! Huge branches, wonderful leaves!

But to grow an oak successfully you also need solid roots – your “whys”.

Without these roots (your “whys”) established firmly in the ground – you can try to go as high as possible but eventually, you’ll blow over when a storm comes through because your foundations can’t support the aspirations.


Read on below to learn more about how to be successful.

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