Episode 71 – Secret Characteristics To Sustainable Weight Loss


There are a lot of weight loss theories on the Internet.

Most of them are bogus or unsustainable weight loss methods.

Instead of theories and bogus information, let’s look at what works. Here are the top 8 steps that will make you lose weight for the long term and why they are great for sustainable health and fitness.


Shall we?



1. Goal setting


To achieve anything in life, you need to set goals. Always have your destination in mind so you can work towards it.


While your long-term goal to reduce your weight is imperative, it’s even more important to set short-term goals.

Short-term goals are more effective because one, they align and support your long-term goal and two, it creates momentum. Momentum creates progress and confidence which are crucial to success.

Here are some examples of short term goals to tweak:


Hint: make your short-term goals action based and quantifiable for maximum success.



2. Use your previous success as a blueprint for future success


Believe it or not! You’ve already been successful at something in your life. So use that past experience as the basis for your future success in weight loss. You’ve got the desire, you know what you want, now it’s a matter of identifying and putting the right habits and behaviors into action.


What to do:

Step 1: take a moment to remember a time you successfully achieved something you wanted in life. For example, it could be as simple as getting food from the fridge (as funny as that seems).

Step 2: break down that achievement into its components – the desire and goal, the process and the result.


In the food from the fridge example:

  • First, you realized you wanted food
  • Second, you set out to get the food (stand up from a chair, walked to the kitchen, opened the door, identified what you wanted and grabbed it)
  • Third, you enjoyed the reward of taking the steps


Step 3: Use the break down of your past “success” for your future desires in weight loss.



3. Go physical


The body was designed for movement. In movement, the body is able to function optimally – blood circulates, toxins are removed, nutrients are delivered to the organs and hormones are operating at their best.

While you want to be doing around 3 to 4 solid physical activity sessions per week, you should also be looking to do daily physical activity at some level. Make it a habit!


Try these:

  • Morning walks
  • Exercise before lunchtime
  • After work go to the gym



4. Eat breakfast


Eating breakfast is the best way to start your day. This will train your body to use fuel as you go as opposed to storing fuel on your body as fat.


Try out these breakfast options:

  • Mixed fruit and nut smoothies
  • Fruit
  • Wholegrain cereals such as, puffed millet or kamuts and oatmeal


Want to know 4 other ways to sustainable weight loss? Read on below.



5. Keep tabs on your progress


Weight loss success is not an overnight experience. You need to monitor your progress over time.


Consider this:

Weigh yourself at regular intervals and see how far you’ve progressed. While keeping objective, look at what you’ve done well and what didn’t. Continue to build on the things you’ve done well and, adjust (or eliminate) the things you did do well.



6. Build a support network


A good support network creates maximum success. Surround yourself with people that support your journey. Your doctor, personal trainer, friends, and family are a great place to start. This group of individuals will not only keep you in check but create a positive environment for you to thrive in.



Choosing the right people matters! Make sure you have like-minded individuals in your team. Try looking in special interest groups or online communities.



7. Yes! You Can!


Believe in yourself! Sustainable weight loss success can only be achieved when you believe you can do it. No matter how hard, remember that someone else has done it before, and so can you!


Do these:

  • Confidence hacks such as, power poses
  • Start exercising to get the “feel good hormones” flowing
  • Get involved in team sports – again to get the “feel good hormones” flowing
  • Do things you love



8. Keep Stress in Check


Stress is bound to come into your life! Stress management plays a role in maintaining hormonal balance as well as overall health and fitness. It also helps with focus and clarity of thinking.


Some of the best ways to keep stress in check are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Guided meditation
  • Singing bowls
  • Journal writing
  • Yoga practice


Sustainable weight loss success!

Sustainable weight loss success takes time! So try these 8 steps that will make you lose weight for the long term and maybe even fast track your health and fitness journey!

  1. Goal setting
  2. Use your previous success as a blueprint for future success.
  3. Go physical
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Keep tabs on your progress
  6. Build a support network
  7. Yes! You Can!
  8. Keep Stress in Check


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Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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