Episode 17 – How to make a basic exercise program

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of exercise programs you can try?


Why not build your own exercise program designed for your own capabilities and goals? In this article let’s work towards building your very own exercise program.


Read on!


1. Start with a warm up

To make an effective workout start with a proper warm up to prepare your body for the strenuous movements ahead. Warm ups are important in reducing your risk of injury. Not only that, it helps you switch over mentally from what you were doing previously, thus allowing you to focus on the task or activity at hand.


What to do:


2. Basic Movement Patterns (BMP)

Glucose (the fuel that’s used for thinking and movement) storage levels are the highest at the beginning of your workout. To effectively use focus on complex exercises, work on your technique while you’re fresh. This allows you to get in some quality sets and reps as well as make the most of your workout.


Here are your options:


Continue to build your own exercise program by reading on below!

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