Episode 119 – Edge of Tomorrow

“every day has an ending…and every day is also an opportunity to begin again”

Have you ever watched the movie “Edge of Tomorrow” starring Tom Cruise?

He’s a military officer who obtains the ability to reset time amongst an alien invasion of earth.

Every time he dies, the whole world resets back to the beginning of a key moment a day before the frontline soldiers head to the battlefield, so he can learn from his mistakes and then ultimately save all life on earth.

Basically, he holds rhythmic awareness of life.

Ironically, this is true for us as well (Well, the rhythmic awareness part, not the turning back time part!)

We have a rhythm to life.

Every day is an opportunity to begin. Every day has an ending as well.

Key moments such as the morning and the evening give us the chance to reset our own life journey on a new path.

Ultimately, so you too can win!

How can you hold rhythmic awareness of life?

Every day when you begin the day, ask yourself: “What do I need to do in order to get closer to my goal?”

Then go do it.

At the end of the day, ask yourself: “Did I get to move further along my life path?”

If yes, great! Let’s pick it up tomorrow.

If “no”, why not?


Read on below for some tips on how to best use and create your new life using your own “edge of tomorrow.”

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