Episode 61 – Reshape, Rewire and Replace Your Nutrition Habits for Health


Humans are creatures of habit.


Habits help you to get through the day and save you conscious effort, time and energy. The only problem is you have some good ones and some bad ones mixed together. It’s time to cut these bad habits out! To keep it simple, in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle, create better habits – habits can make you. If you don’t look after your habits, they will definitely break you.


Try out these nutrition habits for health!


1. Improve your digestion

Don’t chew too quickly. When you chew too much too soon, you “delay” the full feeling or, “satiety signal.” You will end up eating more food and therefore consume more calories. Eating slowly gives your body time to regulate, and makes it easier to digest the food. In turn, this will give you the right energy to go about your day. As an added bonus, eating less will help you cut down your grocery bill.


Do this:

Put your fork down after each bite of food and only pick it back up when you’ve finished swallowing.


2. Plan your day ahead

Everyone knows that they will be hungry throughout the day. It shouldn’t be a surprise. However, most people don’t usually put into their plans what they’re going to eat during those times. If you’d really like to commit to a healthier you, you need to plan ahead.


Get this ready:

  • When you’re on the go, bring a healthy snack with you instead of purchasing junk food
  • Have fruit and protein options on hand like a banana and cheese and / or nuts. These would be much better than munching on some sodium-filled chips or candies packed with sugar.
  • Make it a habit to prepare the good, nutritious food before you feel hungry, rather than simply reacting to hunger.


3. Know thyself – especially when stressed or upset.

Be conscious of the habits you have already – you may tend to eat more when you are stressed or feeling upset. Deal with this habit immediately instead of letting it consume you.


Go for this instead:



How else can you re-wire, re-shape and replace your nutrition habits for health? Read on below.

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