Episode 22 – A beginner’s guide to weight training

Resistance training is great for everyone. It’s been proven to give many benefits including improved:

  • Strength
  • Bone mineral density
  • Body functions such as cardiovascular and nervous system function
  • Mood and wellbeing

Here’s my beginner’s guide to weight training! Enjoy!


1. What is the purpose of your program?

First, off, which fitness track do you belong in? Each fitness track will have a different set of exercises and programming – sets, reps, rest, progression, considerations, etc – depending on what you want to achieve. To determine your fitness track, answer the following question: “what is the purpose of the program?”


This will put you into one of the following fitness tracks:

  • Bodybuilding track
  • Athletic performance or general functional training track
  • Weight loss, toning, general shape track
  • Rehabilitation or prehabilitation track
  • Specialisation track such as diabetes, post surgery, children, women specific (women’s physiology is different from a man’s and needs to be trained differently) pregnancy, or many others.


2.  Start slow, progress gradually in your fitness track

No matter what fitness track you’re in, start slowly, progress gradually and work your way up through the levels. A good analogy is martial arts grading – you need to start at white belt and then eventually move up to brown and black belts.


Some good starting points may be:

  • Bodyweight resistance only
  • 1-2 sets
  • 1-10 reps
  • 1-2 fitness / gym sessions per week

If in doubt, chat to your fitness coach about how to get started.


There are two other things to consider when starting weights. Read the rest of my beginner’s guide to weight training below!

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