Episode 5 – How to lose weight with nutrition and diet

The desire to achieve an ideal weight is one of the strongest motivators and driving forces of an individual’s health and fitness journey.

One of the most common questions people ask me are, “How do I lose weight fast?” or more importantly, “How do I lose fat fast?”


Which way do you go?

There are many approaches you can take to lose weight and it can get very overwhelming. Here are some of the common health and fitness lifestyle factors that drive weight loss:

In this article today, let’s focus in on how to lose fat quickly, safely, and effectively through nutrition-based interventions. (Read: lose weight with good nutrition).  Remember to check with your Doctor and Dietitian to make sure that this information is relevant to you.


Tip #1: Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes First

Vegetables, fruits, and legumes are very nutrient dense.

They’ve got all the vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals necessary to keep your metabolism going in the best way. Not only that, but they’re also low energy dense and packed with fiber which makes you feel fuller for longer.

By basing your meals around these foods you’re assured that the nutritional needs of your body to perform its functions can be well met and it’s also a surefire way to put you in the right direction for your weight loss journey.


Tip #2: Focus on Good Proteins and Fats

Protein is essentially the building block for your tissues, muscles, and organs while fat is important in many roles such as transporting of fat-soluble vitamins around the body as well as laying the foundation for hormone and cell production. It is also very important to choose good sources of fats and proteins because you want to build the best body possible and of course, you’ll want to use the best materials.

You are what you eat! The best source of protein are meats — you can choose from a wide variety of fish such as salmon, snapper, tuna, mackerel, and red and white meat such as beef, lamb, chicken, and even kangaroo. There are vegetarian options as well that are also rich in protein such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, and dairy such as, cheese and milk.


Tip #3: Note The Portion Sizes

When thinking about portion sizes you simply have to remember this principle: “eat like a king at breakfast, a servant at lunch and a pauper at dinner.” Start with having a big breakfast to load you up. This will put you in a good positive energy balance to take on the activities lined up for the day.

After breakfast, follow up with a medium-sized lunch to top off your nutrients and energy requirements to get you through the afternoon.

Then finally, have a lighter dinner to give you enough nutrients to supply what you need to repair and recover your body while you sleep. If you find this difficult the next best alternative would be to stomach what you can during breakfast and then have your big meal at lunch while still keeping your dinner small.



Find out how to lose weight with good nutrition below.

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