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Episode 156 – 1 key skill that will make your diet work Today’s question is: ” I find meal prep too hard. How can I maintain a good dieting regimen here in the Philippines?” My short and immediate response is: How bad do you WANT it? That’s a simple statement to describe not only the nutrition mindset for the above question but also the mindset to anything in life. You Continue reading

Episode 153 – Before you eat fresh foods, watch this Q: Does freezing food affect the quality of the nutrients? There is merit to buying snap-frozen food such as frozen fruit or frozen vegetables because the preservation of the nutrients in these food items is a lot better than so called, “fresh” produce in the grocery store. Wait, hear me out! When snap-frozen food is delivered to you it is Continue reading

Episode 152 – Avoid food intolerance by rotating your food The #AskEvro show question of the day is: “How much food can I eat before I get food intolerant?“ Food intolerance is a very interesting topic. A lot of doctors and even the mainstream public don’t believe in this… (but then again the majority of doctors and the public don’t know nutrition). Wait… Before you judge, read on and then Continue reading

Episode 143 – Is intermittent fasting a hoax? Today’s question on the #AskEvro Show is, “Is intermittent fasting a hoax?” Intermittent fasting is basically another way of dieting or structuring your eating habits and behaviours. So if you look briefly at what’s happening in this dietary pattern – intermittent fasting followers are actually compressing the amount of time that they eat. So, for example, they’ll eat all their meals within Continue reading

Episode 139 – Do you really know how to use nutrition supplements? Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “Do you really know how to use nutrition supplements?” Supplementation – beyond normal Supplements are quite useful in supplementing your diet, particularly for athletes and people that are pushing themselves or trying to perform at the next level. There are hundreds of different supplements on the market today but they Continue reading

Episode 138 – Don’t like vegetables?! Can I eat fruits instead? Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “I don’t like vegetables. Can I eat fruits instead?” This is a valid question so let’s explore the possibility of how you can use this tip in your life. Firstly, what is the reason why you would eat fruit and vegetables? Eat your Veggies Well the reason you would eat vegetables Continue reading

Episode 135 – Why I still eat fish and chips My overarching nutrition philosophy for my diet is variety, moderation & balance. In fact, here are three (3) diet rules that I follow: 1. Try anything & everything at least once. Quick story, I remember having Japanese one night with my brother and Thomas (his potential rugby manager for Japan). It was a weeknight and we visited an authentic Japanese Continue reading

Episode 133 – 3 weird sweet tooth habits of healthy people I’ve always enjoyed having a sweet tooth! I remember the first lollies (candies) I was ever given was from my grandparents. Nan and Pop used to love barley sugars and caramel toffees. Whenever we’d go over to their place they would bring out the lolly jar and get us all hyped up on sugary goodness. Haha. Good memories. But Continue reading

Episode 77 – Amazing Healthy Snack Secrets   Here are 10 quick, healthy snack secrets to beat your cravings. Great for defeating your unhealthy temptations!   Let’s go!   1. Nutrient Dense Veg! For a ready-to-go snack packed full of nutrients, prepare veggie sticks such as carrots, capsicum, cucumber, and beans to store in takeaway containers or zip lock bags in the fridge.   2. No fuss Fruit No fuss Continue reading

Episode 71 – Secret Characteristics To Sustainable Weight Loss   There are a lot of weight loss theories on the Internet. Most of them are bogus or unsustainable weight loss methods. Instead of theories and bogus information, let’s look at what works. Here are the top 8 steps that will make you lose weight for the long term and why they are great for sustainable health and fitness.   Shall Continue reading