Episode 66 – No B.S. Tips For Weight Loss


Drastic measures like crash dieting and skipping meals are rubbish tips for weight loss.


The following are effective and healthy approaches toward weight loss. Let’s get into it!


Eat your fruits and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are essential for the body. They help rebalance your diet by displacing high calorie, low nutrient foods with an essential source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers.

The recommended minimum daily intake is five or more standard serves of vegetables and two standard serves of whole fruits. Try to replace some of the unhealthy or calorie-heavy food you eat with vegetables. Instead of pairing your chicken with rice, try a garden salad. Swap your cake dessert with some fruit. These might take some getting used to, but the short and long term benefits will be tremendous for your weight loss.


Cut out soft drinks and energy dense juices

Soft drinks are a given whereas fruit drink can be a little harder to spot! Fruit drink is also high in sugar and quite energy dense. If you must, drink freshly squeezed juices straight from the fruit. Otherwise, the best choice is water.


Monitor your portion sizes

Understand the difference between portions and serving sizes. The former is any amount of food prepared for you, while the latter is based on a recommended nutritional plan for the day and usually comes with a scientific rationale.


Important portions to note:

  • The portion served at restaurants or even at home may be too much for what your body needs
  • Don’t go for large or jumbo-sized meals
  • Go for entrée-sized meals that won’t tempt you to eat more than you should.



For more No B.S. weight loss tips, read on below!

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