Episode 138 – Don’t like vegetables?! Can I eat fruits instead?

Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “I don’t like vegetables. Can I eat fruits instead?”

This is a valid question so let’s explore the possibility of how you can use this tip in your life.

Firstly, what is the reason why you would eat fruit and vegetables?

Eat your Veggies

Well the reason you would eat vegetables is to get vitamins, minerals, and fibre. This is the same reason you would also enjoy fruits.

Vitamins are of course essential for growth, maintenance of normal human function as well as repair and recovery. A good example is vitamin A which is good for eye maintenance and vision.

Minerals are very much on the same page as vitamins in their use for growth, maintenance, and repair of the body. Iron exemplifies an essential mineral that is used to build and replace red blood cells in the cardiovascular system and these obviously help with oxygen supply to the muscles and organs.

Fibre is essential in keeping the digestive system clear of waste products much like a broom sweeping the floor clean and it also plays a role in keeping your good bacteria (gut microflora) happy with good nutrients. There’s also good evidence to suggest it helps with gut health as well.


More on how to use fruit and vegetables in a moment. Read on below.

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