Episode 125 – You can rest now

“Acknowledge that you can rest. You can have a day off. That you can have some cheat meals…. so you don’t feel that there’s pressure on you the whole time.”

For all those Alpha’s, A-type personalities and Go-getters out there!

You can conquer anything you put your mind to – perhaps with style as well!

You know it!

Deep down you know you’re good.

IN fact, you could build a braggable global empire complete with six-pack abs, glowing skin and stunningly sexy trophy life partner that supports and loves your life mission.

IF… if you only knew how to master rest. haha

(There’s always a caveat).

And therein lies the problem.

You have no rhythm. No balance.

You are a slave to your own double edge sword.

On one hand, you have your strength – the drive to thrive beyond average – on the other hand, you have a limited supply of energy – your humanity.

So why do it?!


Read below to find out why you can rest now.

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