Episode 81 – Six ways yoga can improve your life

I love yoga.

I wish someone had introduced me to yoga when I was younger.

Below are 6 ways yoga can improve your life.



Stress relief:

Yoga means “union” and refers to the relationship between body and mind. Yoga classes focus on the present moment to clear the mind. This allows us to relax, combat stress and anxiety by letting go of worries. When you feel stressed or anxious, use yoga to help de-stress and relax.


Strengthening & balance:

Many of the more advanced poses activate several muscle groups at once, while balance poses require great upper body and core strength. Yoga will help build and tone lean muscles and burn fat just like any other fitness routine. Yoga incorporates tons of balance postures, from standing on one leg to headstands to balancing on one hand. Thus your stability will, without a doubt, be challenged.

Yoga also encourages balance in other aspects of your life as well. Besides bringing mental clarity to help deal with the balance of stress, yoga can physically balance your hormones by bringing your endocrine system into equilibrium. Certain relaxing poses like child’s pose can even help reduce the release of cortisol, the “obesity-causing” stress hormone.



This may seem like a no-brainer, but the stretches in postures incorporated in yoga will lead to much improved flexibility. Flexibility is proven to minimize the risk of injury and to improve aerobic training in athletes of all sports.

As we age, our flexibility is one of the first things to deteriorate if we do not constantly work on it. Fitting in several yoga or stretching sessions a week will help keep your muscles and joints in good working condition.


3 other ways yoga can improve your life are below. Read on!

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