Episode 128 – Become mindful in complete presence

“Enjoy this… we are in process, a constant evolution…”

I was speaking recently at a keynote event.

We had a mix of millennials and young parents in the room who were in need of some direction with enhancing their performance by finding their rhythm.

I spoke about awareness, reflection and the need for the right environmental setup – be it the immediate physical environment and/or the people they hang around on a regular basis. As I was progressing through my discussion to help transform their mindsets, there came a turning point moment.

An overwhelming silence hit the room much like it feels at 5 am before the sun rises.

We had a hit a wonderful moment together – a mix of,

  • joyful silence
  • sweet surrender and
  • restful contentment.

No longer was there angst, worry or distraction – there was an understanding – we had become mindful in complete presence. At that moment I felt the need to acknowledge our collective consciousness as “one.” We united to “enjoy this [state of being].”

When you summon a present state of being you move into a “place” with action potential – the mind is clear and you can move towards what you want to achieve.

You become the process required to succeed – the interaction itself.

Acting, failing, recalibrating and achieving….. then starting again… Acting, failing, recalibrating and achieving.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Remember you are not permanent – You ARE a constant evolution – moving higher with each iteration.

Read on find out how you too can become mindful in complete presence.

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