Episode 27 – Two little known ways to snap out of a negative mindset


How often do you find yourself feeling low on energy, down on yourself or even worse – nothing seems to be going right for you? The bottom line is this: how you think ultimately shapes your reality.

It’s time to snap out a negative mindset!


How’s this possible?

Your thoughts repeated over time turn into a decision. This decision will become a habit. This habit will become behavior. This behavior will start to define your character and presence. This character trait and presence will start to attract specific situations into your life while repelling others. Interesting hey!


Oh no, am I stuck!?

Never fear; the best thing about life is you always get a second chance to start again – every day. Simply hijack your habits to your benefit – and ultimately create a new you!


How can I hijack my habits?

Here are two simple thought exercises that will hijack your habits. You can do these anywhere and they will help you to snap out of a negative mindset and towards a new you:


1. Express Gratitude

When you think about all the good that has happened in your life, you immediately feel all the positive emotions that come with those thoughts.


Here’s a simple exercise to do:

  • Gratitude journal writing


How do I journal?

a) Find a pen and paper (or better yet, a journal)

Journals are better for creating a habit – and it’s organized.


b) Write down one thing that you are truly grateful for in your life.

As you write it, imagine, feel and relive all the positive emotions that are connected to it – in this moment you should be able to realize how lucky you are to be alive.


c) Try this for at least 1-2 more grateful moments in your life.

When you undergo this exercise you will start to appreciate all the love around you, the knowledge you hold, the passion you have and all your achievements. This activity is a sure fire way to snap you out of a negative mindset.

For me personally, I do this on a daily basis and focus in on awesome moments that happened in the day. Moments as simple as a phone call to mum and dad, arriving safely to and from work – even just being a human (and not a fly or a rock) is something to be grateful for.



What’s the other way to snap out of a negative mindset? Read on.

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