166 – 4 wellness tips to enter an optimal state of being

Optimal state of being

Have you ever seen those sporting reports on TV or Youtube where a player wins the national championship for their team by scoring a goal on the buzzer just before the final whistle blows? Incredible right!

They seem to do everything at lightning speed – a rate much higher than their opposition or any normal human.

You wanna know how they do it?

Well, to them, time actually slows down – or put another way, their brains and neural system goes into hyperdrive and they think faster.

You see, there is no time in the brain.

Time is a man-made illusion.

There is only processes and sequences of events.

The faster the progression through these processes and sequences of events, the quicker you get to your outcome compared to your competition.

These processes in the brain happen at the speed of electricity – why? Because the nervous system is built on the principle of electricity – bioelectricity.

And so this spark of athletic brilliance happens in a split second because of this ability to biohack their body and mind.

And thus, they outplay their competition in what seems to be lightning speed to a normal human, but in reality it’s the same process – just done faster.

Pretty cool huh?!

Let’s go a little deeper.

There are three basic modes to look at reality – past dominant, present dominant and future dominant. Within each filter of reality is the emotional perspective upon which you see each of those modalities – positively, negatively and indifferent (logical or spiritual)

In peak performance, there is only one place to be – which is deeply present – and one emotional filter to place upon your perspective, and that is indifferent.

While the other modes are useful in their own right they are irrelevant in an optimal state of being because they dilute the potency of your thoughts. It’s much better to focus your limited bioelectrical resources on one thing rather than three.

On a similar token, indifference is the optimal emotional state as it’s where you can logically and spiritually tap into positivity and negativity as required by the ego in that moment in order to motivate and sustain your energetic momentum.

Are you ready for more wellness tips to build an optimal state of being? Read on below.



Conversely, if you’re too positive you can be blindsided or even seen to be “too much in the clouds.” Similarly for negativity, this emotional filter can be a heavy ball and chain to carry – much too burdensome for peak performance – and it can also blind you from creative opportunities that become available in the moment.

So, tame your ego when winning and maintain inner calm when behind. By all means use your ego in the same way you use the sense of urgency – only to create energy and movement. BUT, never be at the mercy of these ego-centered feelings as you’ll be taken by the storm.

You perform to your best when you’re in the present moment.

When you’re in the present you’re not thinking about the past, you’re not thinking about the future – you’re in the now (and you’re definitely not distracted by irrelevance)

On the same token, you must believe in your abilities and take the opportunities that present themselves when they do – not playing what you think will happen, but rather what unfolds naturally in front of you.

How do you enter this optimal state?

There are four simple steps to enter this state of being.

1. Know yourself

Know yourself to grow yourself. Understand what you have, are and can do before anything else.

2. Learn to biohack your mind and body

Once you know yourself, learn how to tweak, biohack, enhance, change the components of yourself in order for optimisation. Nutrition, exercise, meditation, stress management and organisation all play a part in this process.

3. Believe in your abilities

Belief is more than 80% of the task at hand. I believe therefore I am.

4. Master the art of timing

Just like crossing a busy highway – the decision to wait is just as important as the time to act.

Need Optimisation?

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Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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