Episode 62 – Why Journal Writing Beats Willpower For Fitness Results


Journal writing is good for everyone (not just children).


In order to maximize your health and wellness, you need to manage your dietary and physical activities closely – and what better way than to document them.


Why’s that?


Well, believe it or not, there are two sides to a person the:

  • “Doer You” – who lives out your actions continuously day in and day out, and
  • “Manager You” – who reflects on those actions that you do throughout the day. Journal writing supports this part of you.


While this may initially seem bizarre, it’s actually quite helpful to view yourself in these ways to improve your health and fitness while still living life to the fullest. The following are specific benefits that show why journal writing beats willpower for fitness results


1. Help track your progress

There are two basic ways to track your progress in health and fitness:

  • Food journals can allow you to assess nutritional adequacy for a particular day. For example, to see if you’ve had too much protein, too many calories, etc. simply write down your meals from the last 24-hours then utilize a Dietitian or calorie counter guide to study your dietary intake. This will allow you to determine your nutritional adequacy with a clearer outlook than just “winging it” towards your goals.


  • Journal your exercise and fitness sessions in an exercise log. For example, if you’d like a clear overview of your weekly fitness program it would be useful to keep a log. Write down information such as, steps made on a certain day and make comparisons to previous weeks. You can also calculate how many calories you’ve lost, or even how much your stamina has increased when you use a journal to record your progress.



What are the two other reasons why journal writing beats willpower for fitness results? Read on below.

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