Episode 65 – Top ideas To Be More Active Without Effort


It’s time to ease into your transformation!


Adopt a healthier lifestyle by taking baby steps instead of jumping at big commitments. Small lifestyle changes are better because they stick. The following are top ideas to be more active without effort:


Modify your space

Change your environment! If you hang out in the lounge room often, you might want to install a treadmill, rower or bike, or simply keep some dumbbells around, so you can exercise a little while engaged in your entertainment.

If you work at a desk, modify your chair by swapping it with a stationary exercise bike or, swiss ball chair instead of the standard office chair. These two minor changes will facilitate exercise while doing the things you normally do.


Interact with kids

Kids are naturally playful and energetic. Hang out with your own children, your relative’s children or even offer to volunteer at your local charity or orphanage. I guarantee you’ll be playing different games and challenges in no time! You can even bring a Frisbee or a ball for added excitement. Get active and have lots of fun without even noticing it.



What are 3 other top ideas to be more active without effort? Read on below.

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