Episode 102 – 3 ways to contribute to your fitness community

What is that saying again?

You are the average of the 5 closest people around you.

While originally this was a business maxim for determining your net financial worth, there was groundbreaking research in the Lancet medical journal that highlighted the significance of social networks on your health (or specifically, being overweight and obese).

So, in short…

The only way to be sustainable in health and fitness is to find people that are like you (or you want to be like), align with them and work to grow together as a healthy fitness community.

Why bother?

There’s a lot of wisdom in groups and there’s a lot of collective enthusiasm you can ride on when you need it!

1. you can have mentors

This is about seeking out talented, experienced and qualified individuals who have undergone the journey and processes you need to fulfill in order to achieve your health and fitness goals. The right mentor can allow you to strive to levels you never thought would be possible.

2. you can mentor someone

While mentoring is usually reserved for an extensive (and intensive) relationship over a number of years, this is about sharing some tips and tricks that have worked for you or have been proven to work successfully in reality – it’s never dogmatic (as there are many ways to solve a problem). It’s also about asking the right questions to provide insight for the mentee.


Read on below to find out more on how to best contribute to your fitness community.

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