Episode 75 – What no one tells you about overcoming barriers in health and fitness

Have you found yourself stumbling at a roadblock recently?

Perhaps you’re struggling to overcome a health and fitness plateau right now?!

While it’s common to look for the so called “quick fix shortcut,” you’ll notice that most health and fitness roadblocks are a simple state of mind tweak!

In this article you’ll discover how to overcome barriers in health and fitness with simple mindset tips! With the following key ingredients, you’ll propel toward greater success in your health and fitness journey.

Breakthrough NOW!


1. Lack of willpower or discipline

Willpower and discipline may seem like a magical trait for a select few.

Maybe your willpower or discipline seems to be “well below” the level of others.

Never fear!

Everyone has to start at the bottom at some point, so avoid comparing yourself to those already at the top of the mountain! Comparing yourself to others is certainly a barrier in itself and often an underlying cause for further willpower leaks!


Auto-piloting success

Discover the beauty of auto-pilot mode with a health and fitness routine!

How so?

Simply hijack your brain by first setting goals and then work a little further to turn them into easy-to-do daily habits.

By converting goals into “doable actions” and scheduling them into your calendar for repetition in natural cycles (such as, daily, weekly, monthly cycles) you will create a new lifestyle in no time! While it seems like a tedious task to sit down and strategize, use this time to set you up for the long term! Fail to plan, plan to fail.


Having trouble?

If you find that you’re the type of person to be overwhelmed by big changes, a coach will also help to steer you in the right direction. They will also help in setting the right goals for the right timeframe and “transformation rate” for you. It’s really all about tailoring your game plan around your particular lifestyle and what works best for you, not anyone else.


2. Lack of motivation

Ever felt that feeling of not knowing where to begin because you want to achieve a lot too quickly or you’re doing too much all at once?

If yes, it doesn’t have to be this way!

Simply adjust your perception or perfectionism.

A lack of motivation is a common misdiagnosis for overwhelm.

The solution is as simple as breaking everything down into small bite size pieces or checklists that help you to move towards your goals.

That’s right!


Adjust your perception

Cut your activities down to the “ridiculous” level so you always win! It might be as simple as breaking it down to each footstep you take, or each 10-second count or even down to winning each meal! These small wins are what help to create momentum, confidence and ultimately motivation!


Perfectionism isn’t part of the journey

It’s also good to know that mistakes are also part of the journey, so trust in the process and also be kind to yourself when you do make an error! Setbacks only build your character and test how bad you really want your end goal.


3. Boredom

One of the easiest barriers to overcome!

If you find yourself roped into a gym membership for any given reason, find out what inspires you and actually engage with what you’re doing!

Don’t be that person who trudges on the treadmill, scrolling through his social media feed – off in another world. This is gym time. The virtual world can wait! Instead get focused on why you’re there in the first place and get started!

If you need help to keep engaged in what you’ve set out to achieve, see any one of these health professionals: Personal Trainer, Dietician, Peak Performance or mindset coach, Counsellor or even Psychologist.


Get involved socially

Get excited about where you’re going in life! Search for online communities. These congregations are a great place to start making new connections with like-minded people and will help you to keep engaged with your health and fitness goals.


Need 3 more tips in overcoming barriers in health and fitness? Read on below.



4. You don’t know what you’re doing

It’s time to learn!

This is where you take advantage of the wealth of knowledge available on the internet! Watch some videos, listen to a podcast or two, read some articles – upskill yourself – you can never learn too much!

We all have different learning patterns that work best.

If you don’t learn through these channels (visual/audio) you might have to get out into the big bad world and interact with someone live. This is called kinaesthetic learning, where you can physically engage in an activity. Whether it is cooking, a gym workout or a particular cardio pattern, get someone to teach you directly so you know what to do!

There are hundreds of friendly health professionals waiting to help you!


5. No confidence?

Confidence can be built over time and it’s a great skill to learn. Break it down into small checklists or habits to build progress, momentum and enthusiasm.

Engage in power poses, treat yourself to a massage, new haircut or new clothes. Use positive words and even hang out with positive friends that support you and encourage you to work towards your goals. Even sunlight for 20 minutes will make a world of difference for your outlook on life! The vitamin D and beta-endorphins supply are worth the effort! In the end, do whatever it takes to make you boost your own confidence!

Side note: it’s even OK to cut “friendships” that are only dragging you down.


6. Not seeing results

Not seeing results straight away can lead to discouragement. This is often the illusion in health and fitness. There are no quick fixes!


What to do:

Again your goals need to be broken down in order to get ahead. Aim for smaller measures and milestones first – it’s good psychology!

For example, start out on a 1km run not a 42km marathon off the bat! After the 1km is mastered, go for 2km then 5km, then 10km and so on.

Once you surpass the first goal and start seeing results this in turn builds momentum. Doing little things and doing them well, makes all the difference in achieving the bigger goals on the horizon.


Bring it!

Overcoming barriers in health and fitness is easy with these steps in play!

It’s about learning what you need to do to be successful, setting short term and long term goals, breaking all those goals into bite-size pieces to create momentum and confidence, engaging in the journey and last but not the least, celebrating all the wins along the way, whether big or small. The results will come. ☺

You got this!


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Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness.

Chris Everingham lives and breathes health & fitness. International Athlete, Elite Performance Manager for the Philippine Volcanoes rugby teams, qualified Dietitian / Nutritionist and qualified educator. Chris Everingham combines more than 10 years of experience and education together to deliver the best strategies to grow your mindset, rewire your habits and transform your life.


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