Episode 117 – You can transform! an important message for those who forgot

They say that most people die at 25 – and that they only make it official at 75.

During that time between 25 and 75, they get stuck in a rut, a repetitive routine of thinking and of course, keep their lifestyle the same!

The key reason for this is most people don’t invest in themselves (they also don’t like to be uncomfortable – heaven forbid… haha!)

No, they don’t.

  • They fail to continually educate and develop their minds
  • They don’t bother to correct their habits
  • They ignore their need to shape or even relocate to a better environment that enhances their lifestyle and facilitates their goals.

What a shame!

So, I’m here to break it to you!

You CAN transform yourself! (Just in case you forgot).

The world’s moving faster and you should move just as quick in your personal transformation (or risk being left behind).

To illustrate this discussion a little, I’m sure you’ve noticed the speed of new mobile phone releases on the market – they are constantly getting better, faster, more powerful.


Read on below.

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