Episode 101 – Here’s an idea to boost your nutrition goals


Well, it’s time to skyrocket your healthy living through the clouds!

And you want to know how to do it?

Boost your nutrition goals with food sharing!

Simply set up a food swapping and sharing group – a.k.a. a mini healthy cooking community – to get you started!

“What’s this” you might ask?!

A mini healthy cooking community is one of the most underrated nutrition strategies you can use.

It will not only bring you closer together as a friendship circle but it’ll also keep you healthy for life through great nutrition, positive community, and fresh food ideas.

How do you start a fitness community?

Now, that you know a little bit about what’s involved, there are two simple ways to get this started:

1. On a small scale

Find a partner you get along with and offer to cook for them. After or during the meal (even better..lol) negotiate for them to return the favor by cooking a healthy meal for you.

What about on a bigger scale?

Read on below to find out how to further boost your nutrition goals on a bigger more powerful scale.

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