Episode 165 – My joy as a coach

What brings me joy in my profession as a coach?

In short, it’s about “Winning championships.” I love winning.

In respect to the process of coaching, it’s about finding all the 1% efforts required and putting them together to build up to a championship win – basically it’s like solving a large, dynamic puzzle that culminates for a moment in time.

It’s these moments I really enjoy because they can change not only a person’s or communities life direction but even a nation of people – forever.

As a National Team’s Performance Manager, I’ve been privileged enough to be able to be apart of this over and over – making history they call it.

I call it coaching.

Let’s start with a human truth

I think everyone (all athletes and transformation clients, etc) are trying their best in life but their energy and efforts could often be better utilised by following principles that are proven.

In short, they often don’t have the right “truths” to act upon (ie. some people have all the enthusiasm but just don’t know what to do with it).

For example, most athletes think they know exercise because they have a body and can “copy” others just by watching videos. But really, they haven’t had the exercise movement customised to their body or their level of development.

This also happens at the mindset level for athletes.

Most athletes believe they know what it takes to get to a certain level of greatness on the playing field. But in reality they don’t – it’s in the very nature of humanity to be overconfident and therefore underestimate the gap between where they truly are and where they need to be – not to mention the time it will take to bridge that gap.

Only an experienced coach can help you through this process.

I also see this phenomena in the mindset of inexperienced or contextually inexperienced coaches or experts.

Finding this truth early is easier with a coach.

As a coach it’s about identifying opportunities to help another person and matching the right strategy to the right person – at the right time – and help them to enhance who they are on their path to what they want to achieve.

My joy comes from seeing a well matched strategy help the athlete or client achieve their goals. This is a fantastic feeling especially when they begin to progress at a surprisingly faster rate than they expected!

At an even higher level it’s also about getting all athletes ready to perform at their best for their given strengths and roles at the right time so the team can achieve their goals – be it an athletic team winning a championship, a corporate management team succeed in a campaign or new enterprise or, even an organisation fulfilling an organisational vision.

Are you a coach? Read on below.

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