Episode 110 – The best way to grow positivity in your life


You can grow positivity in your life.

It doesn’t need to be a grandiose scheme or elaborate plan.

The best transformations never are.


Start with simple transformational questions like,

  1. “What did I love about yesterday (last week, last month, etc.)?”
  2. “How can I get more of that into my life today?”

These questions will unlock the best pathway to growing positivity in your life.

And when is the best time to you bring awareness onto growing positivity into your life?

As soon as you wake up.

Whenever if you’re finding it hard to actually reflect, realize the best time is in the morning.

Here in this space, your mind is clear – much like a brand new whiteboard has no markings on it – and you can get to work on creating your new life.

Because if you don’t…

Read on below to learn how to grow positivity.

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