Episode 147 – A good way to quit smoking

Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “Is there a good way to quit smoking without getting so sick that I cannot work out?“

This was another interesting question from one of my friends Victor* who was not only a chronic workaholic and chainsmoker but also recognised the need to be healthy. In short, he was trying to do too much and was very much overloading his life in the short term.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel for Victor – and you can see it in the way he asks the question.

“Is there a good way to quit smoking…”

In response to this part of his question these are the most important things to highlight.

First things first

It’s great that he recognised that he wants to quit. It’s easier once you have made the decision to pursue a new direction. Conversely, it’s almost impossible if you try to force someone to do it.

All he needs is a deeper “why factor” and then the motivation to succeed will sustain the momentum for the new direction. Eventually habit will take over and the outcome, inevitable.

The second part of this answer to realise is:

1. Are you physiologically addicted to the smoking?

To clarify, are you addicted to the nicotine and the other chemicals that are in cigarettes?

If it is physiological, ask yourself,

“What else can give me the buzz (or energy) I need?“

Then simply replace the bad habit of smoking with:


Want to quit smoking? Read on below.

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