Episode 33 – The greatest breathing hack you might not know about!


You’ve got gigantic workloads…


…important life responsibilities, a mammoth to-do list…and it’s only Monday! When are you going to have time to address all the stress caused by the above aforementioned?

You need to alleviate this stress with the greatest breathing hack ever!


But first, why bother to alleviate stress?

Apart from making you feel tense, too much stress also induces mechanical and systemic changes in your body that affect your mental and physical self – you get overwhelmed, fatigued and over the long term, you may even get sick.

A stress-induced state forces your body to take shallow chest-first breathes thereby reducing oxygen uptake and altering your body’s natural state (this will also raise your resting heart rate and the pH of your blood). 

While it’s easy to ignore the warning signs, you need to catch it early for best effect and that’s where deep breathing comes into play.


Let’s Switch on

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “switch on your core”. So what’s the deal? The core – essentially the crux of the body – stabilizes your spine and strengthens your entire body from within.


So how do you “switch on your core” through breathing?

Here are some simple steps you can follow:


1. Take a seat or lie down

Simple enough!


2. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach

Ensure your “stomach” hand is placed just under your heart (at the bottom of the lower rib cage, between the sternal notch where your ribs end and your abs begin).


3. Breathe in through your nose…

…and allow the air to travel to the back of your throat (a bit like you’re snoring). Then feel the air travel down into your lungs

The hand on your stomach should rise and your rib cage will expand sideward as well. The other hand on your chest stays flat for the majority of the in-breath.


Follow down below for the rest of the steps to the greatest breathing hack ever!

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