Episode 60 – Must Read Tips For Training In The Heat


Training in the heat is not for everyone. But if you must, be smart!


There are many factors to consider when training in the heat. Temperature, humidity, and intensity of the weather can adversely affect your body, mind and overall health.


The main point is to avoid training in the heat unless you must! If you must, read on! In this article, let’s discuss the dangers of heat training and also some tips for training in the heat if you must.


What’s the danger of heat training?

The following are possible dangers of training in the heat:



  • Heatstroke – This is even worse than dehydration. When your core temperature becomes too high, your body will overheat. This can lead to short-term mental issues, such as disorientation, which might cause you to feel weak and confused. It may even lead to sudden collapse or fainting. It is important to cool down as quickly as possible, by getting soaked in water or putting ice or cold water on areas of high blood flow (e.g. neck, groin, underarms) in addition to proper hydration.


  • Heat Exhaustion – When training for long periods of time, such as in an ultra marathon and full day carnivals, you become susceptible to heat exhaustion. At this stage, your body needs to rest in addition to the appropriate cooling and rehydration strategies.


Don’t train

If you don’t need to, don’t train in the heat. Instead, choose an indoor option or reschedule the session for another time and day. Furthermore, if you’re a parent or a coach of children, avoid letting them train in the heat. They get “hotter” quicker and are more susceptible to safety risk.


They are at a higher risk of danger because of their:

  1. Body surface area isn’t as big as an adult’s, and
  2. Thermoregulation hasn’t been fully developed.



What are some tips for training in the heat? Read on below.

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