Episode 132 – Why you should do nap time everyday

Admit it.

You get tired.

Is it a sign of weakness? Or simply self-awareness?

For me as an elite performance coach, it’s self-awareness.

And here’s why…

If you look at the human condition we are subject to following a rhythm and in this case its the diurnal cycle that is getting you fatigued.

The diurnal cycle is a natural lull in your biology – around early to mid afternoon – everyday.

While the social thing to do is to drink tea, coffee or an energy drink it might actually be smarter for you to simply give in and enjoy nap time.

Nap time isn’t just for kids, old people and those who love siestas – they are for everyone.

Naps (or mini sleeps) are a great way to help us restore ourselves and our bodies.

They help to give the body a clear window of rest to recover – a bit like putting your phone on quick charge for a while.


Understand nap time better. Read on below.

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