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166 – 4 wellness tips to enter an optimal state of being Optimal state of being Have you ever seen those sporting reports on TV or Youtube where a player wins the national championship for their team by scoring a goal on the buzzer just before the final whistle blows? Incredible right! They seem to do everything at lightning speed – a rate much higher than their opposition or any Continue reading

Episode 164 – A healthy life has rhythm Find your Rhythm Today’s talk was about finding your rhythm for a sustainable holistic high performance lifestyle. Never thought I’d talk about finding your rhythm – ever. For most of my life, I’ve been in high level competition so all I once knew was how to compete – to go “all-in.” You see, in a performance, elite competition lifestyle – there is Continue reading

Episode 163 – If you don’t have six pack abs, you’re not healthy A balanced life will get you six pack abs Here’s a premise I’ve been thinking about for a while now, “Everyone that has a balanced life will have six pack abs.” This is a very interesting statement from a well respected holistic health coach I follow. He mentioned it on one of the podcasts he guested on. Continue reading

Episode 159 – Should I eat citrus fruit or not? A: This is a random, out of context question but it’s interesting. This person has been advised by their doctor to stop eating citrus fruit for a reason. First things first if you’re doctor has done a full assessment of your medical status and they deem that action to be appropriate it’s best to follow what your doctor has said Continue reading

Episode 157 – Why vitamins and minerals are essential for your health Question of the day for the #AskEvro show: “how do I remove mouth boils?” Someone asked me this question during my #AskEvro show live tour through a few gyms in Metro Manila. My first reactive internal monologue was something of this nature, “I’m not a doctor and I’m not a bloody sexual health specialist…I’m a Dietitian.” Then, I Continue reading

Episode 155 – Is plastic safe for our food and drink? Today’s question is: “Is plastic safe for our food and drink?” This is an interesting question about safe nutrition and is quite relatable to almost everyone. For example, do you use any of the following? Protein shaker (especially with a metallic shaker ball) “Chinese” containers Disposal plastic utensils (forks and knives) and even plastic party plates Cloudy (non-see through) Continue reading

Episode 154 – Why I never use a microwave “How will reheating food affect the quality of the nutrients?” Especially in regards to dangers of a microwave, this is an interesting question with a multi-part response. Part 1. Emotion over logic? The only reason you want to eat warm food is because it may taste a bit better and thus you enjoy the brief emotional comfort that this brings. But Continue reading

Episode 149 – You vs You – measure your fitness transformation Today’s #AskEvro Show question of the day relates to personal fitness transformation and is: “How many minutes is the standard for planking (a core workout exercise)?” A good benchmark for athletes doing prone planks is probably around 3 to 4 minutes – which is an indicator for really good core stability for most non-contact sport athletes. To give you Continue reading

Episode 148 – Why everyone should quit coffee today Q: How many coffees can you have in a day? You probably don’t want to have too many more than 2 coffees (if I were you) but in reality I wouldn’t have any – and I personally haven’t for almost 2 years now… and here’s 5 reasons why everyone should quite coffee today. 1. Nap time is better than caffeine Caffeine Continue reading

Episode 147 – A good way to quit smoking Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “Is there a good way to quit smoking without getting so sick that I cannot work out?“ This was another interesting question from one of my friends Victor* who was not only a chronic workaholic and chainsmoker but also recognised the need to be healthy. In short, he was trying to do too Continue reading