Episode 50 – The Top 7 Times Of The Day To Drink Water And Why


Let’s fix up your hydration habits!


Below are the top seven times of the day to drink water and why you need to start doing this immediately. It’s good for you!


If you don’t, you’ve been warned!


1. Drink water first thing in the morning.



Metabolic activity happens during sleep and you need to clear the toxins and by-products from your brain and body. Do this to speed up your morning without the need for caffeine.


2. Drink water before meals.



This will make the body feel fuller and will help you not to overeat. It will also help to activate the digestive system facilitating your energy supply. If you don’t you’ll feel sluggish.


3. Drink water first when feeling hungry.



Often, the body mistakes thirst for hunger. This will lessen unnecessary snacking and eating at any time of the day. Less snacking, less guilt.



When else should we drink water and why? Read on below.

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