Episode 160 – Which is better? Increase your gym weights VS more reps.

“I don’t want to get big and bulky”
“I enjoy lifting weights but I only want to tone up and improve my shape”
I want to keep lean

Do any of these resonate with you?

If they do, that’s fine, most people in the masses would think this as well and instead of increasing their weight they would just keep the weight the same and increase the reps.

So, given these mainstream thoughts, today’s question is interesting because it challenges this conventional “truth.”

What is the truth?

Well, reality is different.

Muscle is constantly breaking down and you are aging – ie. your hormone levels are reducing as you read this – sorry!

So in reality you’ll never get too big and bulky – especially natural females for they don’t have the testosterone (and other muscle building hormone) levels of men – and because you’re constantly needing to keep up with the rising tide of aging and muscle breakdown. If you do get any instant of short term gains, it’s probably because of fluid retention or short term adaptations – so ladies never fear (and sorry to burst your bubble gents)!

Lifting weights? Read on below.

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