Episode 161 – Mental recovery from a physical injury

Q: How do I mentally recover from a physical injury (in other words, what should be my ‘return from injury’ mindset?

Imagine this, you’re a top rank athlete – everyone loves you, wants to be like you, your fit as a fiddle and of course, you’re dominant in your sport! Life is heaven. You have a lot of endorphins such as serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine going through your mind and body – there’s a flow of good vibes from your sport – plus the thrill of constant success!

Life is great at the top!

But what happens when that’s taken away in a flash?

That’s what can happen when an injury hits you.

You’re instantly morphed into a different person!

Immediately, the mind seems to play games with you because your internal biochemistry has changed – those feel good endorphins are still there but not at the levels you’re used to. Your mindset slips.

It’s time for an intervention.

How will you ever recover (mentally)?

To recover and bring yourself out of injury and back to your best, basically a few things need to be done – and fast!

1. find your starting spot

The first thing you should focus on is returning to the sport as soon a possible. That’s going to allow you to get back to who you are! Build your healthcare team around you and plan your course of action that regresses you back to a level you can go before you move forward again.

What are the other 2 step to this return from injury mindset? Read on below.

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