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Episode 165 – My joy as a coach What brings me joy in my profession as a coach? In short, it’s about “Winning championships.” I love winning. In respect to the process of coaching, it’s about finding all the 1% efforts required and putting them together to build up to a championship win – basically it’s like solving a large, dynamic puzzle that culminates for a moment in time. It’s Continue reading

Episode 162 – How to public speak better than TED Talk speakers Most people would prefer death over public speaking They say most people would prefer death over public speaking…. What about you? Would you be able to brave a few hundred or even a few thousand pairs of eyes all on you during say, a motivational speaking session? What about if it’s an intimate crowd of 10-20? Would that Continue reading

Episode 161 – Mental recovery from a physical injury Q: How do I mentally recover from a physical injury (in other words, what should be my ‘return from injury’ mindset? Imagine this, you’re a top rank athlete – everyone loves you, wants to be like you, your fit as a fiddle and of course, you’re dominant in your sport! Life is heaven. You have a lot of endorphins such as Continue reading

Episode 115 – Why you need to join a fitness community today   It’s often said, that it’s a narrow path to success – the road is lonely and most of the journey you’ll be alone! What a bunch of lies! No matter what happens in your life, belonging to a fitness community will always be your best bet to keep you on track! If you’re ever down and out, Continue reading

Episode 103 – Why your fitness community is even more important today   You live in tribes. You need to in order to live. No one person can successfully have what they have achieved without the help of others – nor achieve anything substantial. While this seems like an ancient idea, it’s truer today than ever – this is the importance of fitness community! And the two factors that are Continue reading

Episode 102 – 3 ways to contribute to your fitness community What is that saying again? You are the average of the 5 closest people around you. While originally this was a business maxim for determining your net financial worth, there was groundbreaking research in the Lancet medical journal that highlighted the significance of social networks on your health (or specifically, being overweight and obese). So, in short… The only Continue reading

Episode 87 – why reflecting on your performance is critical for health   I’m a big fan of taking action! Action, in a nutshell, is success. But what if that action was in the “wrong” direction? They say that a ship that sails only 1 degree off course can end up hundreds of miles away from their final destination. And this can be the same as you! If you miss Continue reading

Episode 80 – The Fastest Way To Destroy A Team   First off, I don’t like to write negative posts.   This is an article to help you build a better, stronger team by understanding what elements are the fastest way to destroy a team.   It’s important to touch on why teams fall apart because many people don’t understand why their teams aren’t effective. You want to know the Continue reading

Episode 72 – What A Good Health And Fitness Coach Will Do For You   “What is the role of a good health and fitness coach in a personal transformation?”   Honestly, if you’d asked me this question a few years ago, I would have struggled to answer it. But, now that I have had more than a decade of coaching under my belt, I am confident that I can Continue reading

Episode 59 – Why Your Company Needs a Sustainable Health and Fitness Program   Employees are the most important part of any organization.   Without your people, the core purpose of the organization cannot be delivered – even with A.I. on the horizon. For people to be engaged and truly enjoy their job, they need to be healthy – mentally and physically – holistically.   Let’s check out the most Continue reading