Episode 158 – Power cleans vs Full cleans for athletic performance

Today’s #AskEvro show question of the day is: “What is the difference between power cleans and cleans in athletic performance?”

To the general population there’s not much difference between these two exercises but for the athlete a slight change in movement for this olympic lift will mean a huge shift in physical adaptation.

a. Power cleans (or hang cleans)

More for power, explosiveness and speed. This is generally used during “in-season” for in-form athletic performance.

b. Cleans (or full clean and press)

More for total body strength. This is generally used in “off-season” or “pre-season” during an athletes program.

That’s basically the difference.

What’s the key variable?

It’s where the speed is at.

For a full clean and press you will start all the way down at the bottom…

So if you go through the progression it’ll be something like this:


Athletic performance requires the right variable adjustments at the right time. Read on below.

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